Victoria Neave: Radical, Criminal, and Fresh Face of the Democratic Party

The Democratic Party’s leftward drift is no secret. Nowhere is departure from reason more evident than on abortion. Decades ago, the Democratic Party welcomed Pro-Life voters and politicians, embracing ideological heterodoxies within their constituency. That diversity has since dissolved as the Party now celebrates abortion on demand until, through, and perhaps after birth, funded by the taxpayer. No Pro-Lifer need apply. Embodying this trend are extremist progressives who believe they are more righteous and discerning than everyone around them—Alexandria Ocasio Cortez, for example. Victoria Neave, representing State House District 107, is the AOC for Texas.

In her two legislative sessions as a state representative, Victoria Neave has earned quite a reputation as an anti-Life fanatic with no regard for the most vulnerable in our society. Below are some highlights:

  • Refused to fund the Life-saving Alternatives to Abortion program, which offers social services to pregnant women and up to 3 months after birth (Amendments 75 and 76 to Senate Bill 1, 2017; Amendment 52 to House Bill 1, 2019)
  • Voted against stopping taxpayer funding of the abortion industry (Amendment 197 to Senate Bill 1, 2017; Senate Bill 22, 2019);
  • Voted against protecting preborn children from death by dismemberment abortion, in which babies are torn apart limb by limb (Amendment 2 to Senate Bill 8, 2017);
  • Voted in favor of late-term abortions on babies with disabilities (Amendment 22 to Senate Bill 8, 2017);
  • Voted against anonymous abortion reporting requirements that streamline data (Amendment 19 to Senate Bill 8, 2017);
  • Voted against requiring reporting for abortion complications, which protects women who are harmed via abortion (House Bill 13, 2017 Special Session);
  • Voted against Pro-Life taxpayers opting-out of Obamacare’s pro-abortion mandates (House Bill 214, 2017 Special Session);
  • Refused to protect babies born after botched abortions, thereby approving of infanticide (House Bill 16, 2019);
  • Refused to protect patients whose doctors withdraw medical treatment from them against their wishes (Amendment 4 to House Bill 1504, 2019);

This record is unmatched by many in the Democratic Party. But the radical voting record is only one aspect of Victoria Neave’s political career that distinguishes her from other Democrats. 

In June of 2017, Neave garnered headlines beyond her unqualified support of abortion when she crashed her car into a tree. She was drunk. And she was most lucky her car found the broadside of an oak rather than another person. Much like with her votes on the House floor, Neave endangered the lives of fellow Texans. She put her personal pleasure above the wellbeing of the people she ostensibly serves. 

Did she lose her job? No. Did she serve time? No. Does she believe her status makes her immune to proportional consequences? Evidently.

Victoria Neave: unabashed, privileged, extreme. She is seen as a rising star in progressive, pro-abortion, Democrat circles. She represents their future. Only voters can stop her from becoming our future. All voters of good will in House District 107 must reject Neave this fall and vote for Samuel Smith, who will both defend the vulnerable and avoid hitting trees with his car. Early voting starts October 13.


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