Kick anti-Lifers like Ken King out!

Meet State Representative Ken King.

In 2019, he scored an abysmally low 37% on the Pro-Life Scorecard. His voting record includes:

  • Voting against authorizing cities to outlaw abortion. (Amendment 23 to Senate Bill 22, 2019. Record Vote #1499.)
  • Voting for late-term abortions on babies with disabilities. (Motion to table Amendment 22 to Senate Bill 8, 2017. Record Vote #1391.)
  • Voting to force YOU to pay for abortions through insurance premiums. (Motion to table Amendment 3 to House Bill 214, 2017. Record vote #79.)
  • Absent without excuse on a critical vote to ban the inhumane dismemberment abortion procedure in which a living preborn child dies from being torn limb from limb. (Amendment 2 to Senate Bill 8, 2017. Record vote #1377.)

Can you believe that Ken King is a Republican from the Texas Panhandle – one of the most conservative areas in the United States?

Austin is full of Republicans like Ken King who represent conservative areas but don’t vote their values. That’s what we are working to change.

If you want politicians to listen to you, you must threaten their jobs. Texas Right to Life needs a strong PAC in order to make a huge difference in this upcoming election. Because we aim not just to threaten these politicians’ jobs – we aim to take them.

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