Jonathan Stickland, a tried and true friend of the preborn

Jonathan has been married to his wife Krissy since 2006 . They have two beautiful daughters, Andie Michelle (8) and Carlie Anne (6). Family is the core of Jonathan’s life both personally and politically. He and his family have been members of First Baptist Church of Hurst since 2008. Jonathan is a member of the Church’s One Life Group, softball team, choir, and also helps teach 5th and 6th grade boy’s Sunday school.

Texas Right to Life considers Representative Stickland a tried and true friend for the preborn, the disabled, and the elderly. Here are just a few examples of Jonathan Stickland’s unapologetic defense of Life:

• When House Leadership refused to allow Pro-Life policies to be heard on the floor of the Texas House, Representative Stickland filed amendments forcing the liberal Speaker Straus/Byron Cook gang to the negotiating table.

• Representative Stickland and his staff study and employ needed procedural rules to bring Life issues on to the House floor and to protect Texas Right to Life’s freedom of speech.

• On Planned Parenthood’s lobby day at the Capitol, Representative Stickland took the opportunity to showcase the humanity of the preborn by hanging a sign outside his office that proclaimed Representative Stickland as a “former fetus.” (Anti-Life members were filing bills to dehumanize the preborn in our state’s laws.) That same day, Stickland refused to be silent when some of his colleagues used obscure House administration rules to bully his staff into removing the harmless sign.

• Representative Stickland filed legislation aimed at eliminating the monopoly held by the Texas Medical Association (TMA) over Pro-Life physicians. The TMA has achieved a 12-year documented history of opposing all Pro-Life measures in the legislature.

Early Voting: Feb. 16th – Feb. 26th
Election Day: March 1st

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