Jon Francis: Make Texas a top Pro-Life state again

Texas Right to Life PAC has proudly endorsed Jon Francis for state representative for Texas
House District 60. When the current state representative announced his decision not to run for
re-election, Francis discerned God’s call to run and represent the conservative values of HD 60,
comprised of eight counties: Brown, Callahan, Coleman, Eastland, Hood, Palo Pinto,
Shackelford, and Stephens.

Jon Francis is a husband, father, and small-businessman who served conservative causes you
care about, including being a board member for Live Action and PragerU. Jon didn’t expect to
run for office, but he knew protecting the community’s dearly-held values is a priority in this
election. Watch his recent appearance on the Ben Shapiro Show to hear about the
opportunities for your district and make Texas even stronger.

Jon Francis is ardently and unabashedly Pro-Life and has long been a friend of Texas Right to
Life. He prioritizes the protection of Life from fertilization to natural death, is committed to
abolishing abortion in our state, and aims to fully defund Planned Parenthood of your taxpayer
dollars. As Francis rightly points out, the Austin establishment continues to plummet our state in
Pro-Life rankings, dropping from #4 to #17. Jon Francis is committed to restoring Texas’s
leadership in the national Pro-Life movement by enacting life-saving protections for preborn
children, and his background in the movement shows he believes in this cause as sincerely as
you do.

In addition to being endorsed by Texas Right to Life PAC, Francis’s endorsements include:
Senator Ted Cruz, Rafael Cruz, Lila Rose (founder of Live Action), Dr. James Dobson, Texas
Attorney General Ken Paxton, Texas Agriculture Commissioner Sid Miller, State Senator
Charles Perry, Texans for Fiscal Responsibility, Grassroots America We the People, Gun
Owners of America, the National Association for Gun Rights, Family Research Council, Texas
Home School Coalition, and Young Conservatives of Texas.
Jon Francis will be a conservative fighter ready to hit the ground running on behalf of your
community once he gets to Austin.

Early voting is February 18-28, and Election Day is March 3. Click here to find out where to
vote. Vote Pro-Life for Jon Francis!

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