Houston: Vote Pro-Life for Jared Woodfill

Vote Pro-Life for Jared Woodfill in the Republican Primary Election happening right now!

In Jersey Village, Spring Branch, and Houston, the choice is clear: Jared Woodfill is a proven conservative leader and a staunch Pro-Life advocate, unlike incumbent Lacey Hull and her disappointing record.

Woodfill is a Houston native and long-time Republican activist. With 12 successful years as the Harris County Republican Party chairman and his current role as president of Conservative Republicans of Texas, Woodfill has tirelessly worked to support Pro-Life candidates and principles across the state.

Did you know Woodfill even fought toe-to-toe with Planned Parenthood?

Woodfill served as the lead attorney defending undercover Pro-Life journalists who exposed abortion clinics selling baby body parts.

After the undercover videos went viral, Planned Parenthood sued the Pro-Life journalists, but Woodfill won, and the charges against the Pro-Life activists were completely dismissed.

With the high stakes the Pro-Life movement is facing today, Woodfill is the dependable Pro-Life leader needed to save preborn babies. Lacey Hull’s tenure has been marked by a series of letdowns, including a meager 51% Pro-Life voting score in 2023. Hull refused to sign on to Pro-Life Priority Bills and even voted against lowering the cost of adoption.

Texas Right to Life endorsed Jared Woodfill for this race, recognizing his unwavering commitment to the Pro-Life cause and his solid experience.

Don’t miss this chance to make your voice heard and defend the Right to Life with a leader who genuinely believes in your values.

Vote Pro-Life for Jared Woodfill! Early voting ends today, and Election Day is March 5.

Get the Pro-Life Voter Guide here and bring it with you to the polls.

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