Taylor County: Vote for Liz Case for State Rep.

At just 16 years old, the Pro-Life issue inspired Liz Case to enter politics. She has dedicated her life to saving babies from abortion and advancing conservative principles.

Your community knows Case from her long-time work with:
✅ Abilene Republican Women;

✅ The Taylor County Republican Party; and

✅ Even the Republican Party of Texas.

Beyond the realm of politics, Liz’s dedication shines in her professional experience as a former public school teacher and as an active volunteer with nonprofit organizations.

Meanwhile, your current representative, Stan Lambert, has consistently shown a lack of commitment to your Pro-Life values.

Over his four terms, Lambert has repeatedly refused to co-author Pro-Life Priority Bills and has expressed his support for weakening exceptions to our strong Pro-Life laws.

His record starkly contrasts with Case’s unwavering dedication to protect babies from abortion.

If you believe every life should be cherished and defended, vote for Liz Case.

Case aims to help families with the cost of adoption, seeks to support young mothers, and wants to promote the value of Life in public schools and spaces.

She represents a future where Texas continues to stand strong in its Pro-Life and conservative principles.

Vote Pro-Life for Liz Case! Early voting ends today, and Election Day is March 5.

Your vote is not just a choice; it’s a stand for Life!

Get the Pro-Life Voter Guide here and bring it with you to the polls.

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