Vote Paulette Carson for State Rep. in Lufkin & Crockett Counties

Pro-Life voters of Lufkin and Crockett have the opportunity to elect Paulette Carson to represent them in Austin!

She is prepared to bring bold initiative to the Texas Capitol, challenging the status quo and championing the protection of all innocent human Life.

Carson’s journey into politics began by fighting for the rights of her special needs son.

When realizing Texas did not have proper resources for this vulnerable population to thrive, she founded an organization to fill in the gap.

Voices 4 Special Needs – East Texas educates leaders, legislators, and government organizations on the need to improve care and services for special needs families.

Carson has been tirelessly advocating for the vulnerable in her personal life, equipping her to defend:
✅ Preborn children;

✅ Pregnant mothers; and

✅ Those in danger of euthanasia.

While elective abortion is outlawed in Texas, our work is not done. Pro-Life Texans must increase our efforts to defend Life.

We need leaders like Paulette Carson who will champion a truly Pro-Life state.

Women and families should be supported and provided with the resources to confidently carry their pregnancies to term, rather than seek an out-of-state or illegal abortion.

Texas needs representatives who will be courageous advocates for the voiceless, seeking to protect Life from fertilization to natural death.

Paulette Carson has proven herself as a fearless Pro-Life champion.

Vote for Paulette Carson for state representative! Early voting ends today, and Election Day is March 5.

Get the Pro-Life Voter Guide here and bring it with you to the polls.

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