Briscoe Cain earns 100% Pro-Life record

Texas Right to Life PAC has proudly endorsed Briscoe Cain for re-election as State
Representative for Texas House District 128! For two terms, Representative Cain defended
your values and earned 100% scores on the Pro-Life Scorecard.
Representative Briscoe Cain is a Christian, husband, father, and lawyer. He was involved in
defending innocent human Life before ever running for the Texas House, and while in Austin
has been an outspoken voice for advancing the Culture of Life in our state. Throughout his time
as an elected official, Cain has always voted in support of the Alternatives to Abortion program,
a network of pregnancy centers, adoption agencies, and maternity homes that help expecting
and new parents.

Another Pro-Life priority Representative Cain has always supported is defunding Planned
Parenthood by prohibiting state funding of abortion providers and their affiliates. During Cain’s
first session, he authored amendments to the state budget that sought to prohibit state funding
of embryo-destroying research and prohibit using state funds to buy or conduct research on the
bodies of aborted children. In 2019, Cain filed the Heartbeat Bill to prohibit elective abortions at
the moment when the fetal heartbeat is detectable. However, his defense for vulnerable human
Life does not end with banning abortions. Cain is a reliable vote in support of protecting the
rights of patients in Texas hospitals as well, including voting to pass the requirement for patient
consent before a Do-Not-Resuscitate (DNR) order is placed in a patient’s medical record and
empowering patients to revoke unwanted DNR orders. Click here to see more about Cain’s
100% Pro-Life scores from 2017 and 2019.

Briscoe Cain has been a strong conservative voice for HD 128. Send him back to Austin to
continue fighting for our deeply-held values of Life and liberty.

Early voting is February 18-28, and Election Day is March 3. Click here to find out where to
vote. Vote Pro-Life for Briscoe Cain!

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