We can win the fight

In 2012, there were 41 abortion mills in Texas.  Today – because of YOU – there are 17.  Because Pro-Life Texans supported efforts and legislation to protect women and preborn children in our state, dozens of killing centers have closed, never again to profit from the deaths of our preborn children.  When you came to Austin in the sweltering summer of 2013 to support House Bill 2, the Pro-Life Omnibus Bill, the Legislature heard your unanimous voice speaking on behalf of the tiniest Texans, who cannot speak for themselves. 

Through HB 2, the predatory antics of Big Abortion came under intense public scrutiny, and pain-capable preborn children from 20 weeks gestation were granted protection from excruciatingly painful abortions.  Then, because most of the Texas abortion industry was unwilling to comply with the protections of HB 2, we watched as abortion mills disappeared one-by-one from the landscape of Texas. 

There is still work to be done.  Texas Right to Life will not rest until every last one of the 17 abortion mills that stand in Texas today have permanently closed for business.  And we know that we can win the fight, because we have you and God on our side. Thank you

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