Walk for Life 2012


A message from Houston Coalition for Life:

You helped us get our mobile crisis pregnancy center on the road, can you help us stay?

We see pregnant women every day who very likely would have chosen abortion had they gone into Planned Parenthood first; the Grace of God combined with the ultrasound image is saving lives! 

We just had a young lady, her boyfriend, and mother come into our bus after they had gone into Planned Parenthood. She came in with her proof of pregnancy from them and asked us to do an ultrasound for her.

She mentioned, when I brought her some water, that she was hungry and told me that she had not eaten. This immediately alerted me to the fact that she most likely had an abortion scheduled.

She said that two days ago she had an ultrasound with a doctor and that he said he couldn't see anything, and now she was at Planned Parenthood until something brought her to us. She was definitely conflicted in her decision and I think that because we were there this gave her the chance she needed to get more information.

As soon as we began the ultrasound the baby was immediately visible! The father moved right up to the big screen TV that is our monitor and began enthusiastically pointing out arms, legs, the heart beating, and that the baby was moving around.

All three were quite surprised and thankfully now happy to be pregnant! If we had not been there this unborn child might have died.

Can you help us to stay parked at Planned Parenthood? If you can't be a walker would you please consider sponsoring a walker?

To sponsor a walker just go to our website at www.HoustonCoalition.com where you will see a link to do just that!

We really need your support, no amount is too small (or too big!).

To be a walker just follow the links below, thanks!! 


Walk as if a life depended on it…because it does!

Saturday September 8, 2012 …All Saints Catholic Church…215 East 10th Street, Houston, TX. 77008…8AM-11AM

Nine out of ten pregnant women who enter Planned Parenthood abort their unborn children. But consider this: we have found that nine out of ten pregnant women who enter the Houston Coalition for Life mobile crisis pregnancy center choose life!

2012 year to date numbers are: 695 visits to our mobile crisis pregnancy center, 258 positive pregnancy tests, 231 women continuing their pregnancy, Praise God!

It's easy to make a difference!  Just register as a Walker and start raising funds right away.

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