Top Pro-Life Legislators stand strong for Life

During the recently adjourned 82nd Texas Legislative Session, elected pro-abortion zealots in favor of unrestricted abortion on demand — and abortion paid for by our tax dollars — fought tirelessly to block all Pro-Life legislation.

Pro-Life Legislators do more than press the green button on the floor in order to counter these zealots.  Our Pro-Life scorecards for the 82nd Legislative Session show that  a true defender of Life is staunch in his stance and willing go the extra mile to guarantee the strongest protections are enacted for the most innocent among us.  A legislator dedicated to preserving Life labors behind the scenes, often challenging very powerful individuals and organizations and ensuring that Pro-Life bills, amendments, or measures are introduced for a vote.

Earning 100% on Texas Right to Life’s scorecard for the 82nd Legislative Session was not difficult.  Legislators were able to author or co-author Texas Right to Life priority legislation or carry our amendments to strengthen bills.  The top eleven House legislators were key to the success of the 82nd, but they should not have been the only members making heroic stances for Life.


Out of a possible 55 points, 57 House members earned over 100% rating from Texas Right to Life.  The top 11 Pro-Life House members earned between 135-164%, based on their willingness to do more than just cast a Pro-Life vote.  The top 11 made a concerted effort to ensure the strongest legislation passed.  

Of the fifty-seven legislators who scored above 100%, fifteen were freshmen legislators who faced much opposition, yet ardently fought for Life from the beginning of the session.  Three of the fifteen freshmen snagged ranks in the top eleven Pro-Life legislators.  


Representative Sid Miller (R-Stephenville) carried the landmark Sonogram Law and worked night and day to pass the strongest bill possible in the House.  Sid fought several weakening amendments and procedural gimmicks that would have watered down the bill significantly.  Representative Bryan Hughes (R-Mineola) served as the Pro-Life Whip, making sure that all "I's" were dotted and "T's" crossed legally, constitutionally, and procedurally on every Pro-Life matter.   

Pro-Life House members can look to these men as Pro-Life stars in the House.   

The number of Pro-Life legislators in the Texas 82nd Legislature amounted to the largest Pro-Life supermajority in our state’s history.  With the removal of over $64 million of our Texas tax dollars from the abortion industry, the full funding of the alternatives to abortion state program, and the passage of the strongest Sonogram Law in our nation, this was arguably our most successful Pro-Life legislative session ever.


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