The Texas 2015 Pro-Life Legislative Agenda

Texas Right to Life recognizes that much work is still to be done in building the Culture of Life.  With Pro-Life majorities in the State Senate and in the State House, many measures will be considered that protect Texans from womb to tomb.  Emily Horne, Senior Legislative Associate for Texas Right to Life, noted “Texas has seen great Pro-Life successes; however, sixty-thousand lives are still lost each year to abortion.  At this rate, we cannot afford to let another legislative session pass without new protections for the voiceless and the vulnerable.  All Texans have a Right to Life, and our responsibility is to do all we can to preserve this inherent right.” 


Texas Right to Life’s agenda reflects years of research, analysis, and input from national experts, plus consensus from a diverse group of Pro-Life legislators.


Reform Judicial Bypass Process and Protect Pregnant Minors by Honorable Matt Krause and Honorable Konni Burton. Current law allows minors to petition judges for permission to undergo abortions, bypassing their parents’ involvement.  This judicial process is filled with glaring loopholes.  The attorneys representing pregnant minors are usually provided by the abortion clinic, and these attorneys easily manipulate the court system. 


Pro-Life Health Insurance Reform by Honorable John Smithee and Honorable Larry Taylor. This bill shields citizens from paying for insurance coverage for abortion both in private insurance plans and through the PPACA exchanges.


Coerced Abortion Prevention Bill by Honorable Allen Fletcher, Honorable Molly White, and Honorable Lois Kolkhorst. This bill would clarify that coercing or forcing a woman to undergo an abortion is a punishable crime.  This legislation will also establish several mechanisms to inform women about their full rights and protections against acts of coercion.


Do-Not-Resuscitate Consent Bill by Honorable Stephanie Klick and Honorable Charles Perry. This bill requires that medical professionals secure the consent of the patient or patient’s surrogate before authorizing a DNR Order, which could cause the withholding of life-saving medical care and hasten the death of the patient.


Reform the Texas Advance Directive Act by Honorable Kelly Hancock.  This reform would ensure that the current statutory futility committee process is only used when the requested treatment is physiologically futile.  Additionally, the bill would clarify that treatment decisions cannot be based on discriminatory judgments against persons with disabilities, elderly patients, and patients diagnosed as terminally ill.


Texas Right to Life is dedicated to advancing protections that defend Texas’ most vulnerable.  While many issues will vie for attention during this Legislative Session, the Legislature’s most important responsibility is to protect the first and indispensable right: the inalienable Right to Life. 

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