Texas teen dies in auto accident, media acknowledge his "unborn son"

A Spring, Texas, teen died in an auto accident on I-45 in late January.  He left behind a preborn son who is due this month.  James Walker was 18 years old, and his 17-year-old girlfriend Dennise Laureano says her wish for her son is for him “to be just like his dad.”

“He loved his baby,” Laureano said of her late boyfriend.  Walker’s parents believe that a piece of their son will continue to live on in his child, to whom a Texas ABC affiliate referred as his “unborn son.”  Walker was a high school senior, and friends and classmates mourn his death.  Speaking of her child, Laureano said “his dad was the best person I ever met.”  Walker’s son has already been named Liam James Walker.

In the wake of tragedy, the preborn son offers hope to friends and family.  Acknowledging the presence and personhood of the preborn is a powerful witness to the sanctity of Life.

Walker’s father emotionally recalled his son’s positive attitude in life: “He has shown me so much pride, so much responsibility, so much ‘I can do it.’”  His family and friends established a Go Fund Me page to raise money for Liam James, since his father will not be there to support him.  The support is “so that he will be able to have a good life,” Walker’s mom explained, “a life that his father could have provided had he not been taken away.”  Although the fund has been closed, supporters await the announcement of the birth of Walker’s son, a child who has given so much hope and consolation in a time of great tragedy.

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