Texas pastor fearlessly condemns abortion in annual sermon

A Christian megachurch pastor in Flower Mound made national waves with a bold sermon on abortion last month. “Abortion is murder” was the message of Pastor Matt Chandler’s fiery speech. He also emphasized the power of grace and forgiveness for those who have been involved in abortion in any way.

This wasn't Pastor Chandler's first year preaching on abortion.  He told The Blaze last summer that he speaks to his congregation about the subject at least once a year. He also often challenges Christians to consider the Pro-Life stances of politicians before going to the polls. Chandler, charged with an expansive understanding of the value of Life, further expressed that the issue of abortion is often best discussed from the pulpit because the argument against abortion is easier to make without the involvement of politics. He explains that he uses science, history, and Scripture to relay the message that abortion is murder to his congregation.  

Watch an excerpt from this year’s sermon below:


Contrasted with other Texas megachurch pastors who skirt abortion (“I don’t go there,” one famous Houston pastor said of abortion) or even downplay the issue when asked candidly what their beliefs are, Pastor Matt Chandler is not afraid of rocking the boat if that’s the price of preaching the truth.

Jill Stanek illustrates the need for pastors like Chandler, pointing out that there are 50 churches within 2 miles of the abortion mill of notorious late-term abortionist Douglas Karpen, the “Texas Gosnell.” Undoubtedly, atrocities like those committed at Karpen’s facility would cease to occur if the leaders of every one of those churches were as fearless and outspoken as Chandler. 

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