Congressman Tim Ryan: I do not believe in legal protection for females

Rarely do anti-Life politicians give straight answers when questioned about their late-term abortion stance.  House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi is a recent (and frequent) example of the convenient circumvention opted-for by her ilk.  At a press briefing in late January, Pelosi –in spite of being bound by her Catholic faith to do so—refused to state that a preborn child is a human being.  Likewise, the President of the United States defaults to the language of the lazy Roe v. Wade ruling when asked about the humanity of the preborn, stating that the definition is simply “above my paygrade.”

Congressman Tim Ryan of Ohio, who recently announced that his stance on abortion has changed for the worse, has bypassed the normal obfuscating tone of these remarks.  Through his Chief of Staff, Ryan stated very clearly that he simply doesn’t believe preborn human beings matter.  At all.

In a confrontation with Ryan’s Chief of Staff, Ron Grimes, Pro-Life students brought anecdotal testimonies to Ryan’s office in an attempt to humanize the issue on which he had so flippantly changed his mind.  Grimes dismissed every anecdote with worn-out euphemisms.  To a young woman whose mother was pressured to abort her, Grimes essentially responded that her mother had every right to make that choice, and that the fact that the young woman had survived was nothing to celebrate.

Also present was a member of the Students for Life of America staff, Michelle Hendrickson, who is 22 weeks pregnant with her daughter, Lucy.  She showed Grimes a 4D ultrasound photo of her precious daughter, and then posed the following question:

Would you agree that Congressman Ryan does not believe in legal protection for females like Lucy?

Grimes’ response was unhesitating and direct:Yes, that is correct,he said.

Watch the startling footage below:

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