Texas leaders continue to follow undercover revelations about Houston Planned Parenthood

You know, I love our organization but sometimes it would be nice if we could do things in secret, behind three layers of fake corporate names… Melissa Farrell, research director for Planned Parenthood Gulf Coast

In the most disturbing undercover video released to date, Planned Parenthood Gulf Coast’s director of research, Melissa Farrell, matter-of-factly details the financial profit Planned Parenthood receives from partnerships with fetal research institutions.  Farrell tells actors posing as buyers for a middleman tissue procurement startup company that her research department is the largest Planned Parenthood “research” department in the nation and that the department “contributes so much to the bottom line of our organization.”  Planned Parenthood big wigs continue to insist, however, that Planned Parenthood does not profit “in any way” from fetal tissue harvesting.  With opposing stories from Planned Parenthood, one thing is clear: Someone at Planned Parenthood is lying.

And who is lying is exactly what state and local investigations into the abortion behemoth intend to decipher.  With Thursday’s release of full footage of the Center for Medical Progress’ (CMP) fifth video, however, virtually indisputable evidence is hurled against Planned Parenthood’s talking heads who insist that the organization’s motives for engaging in fetal body parts trafficking are utterly altruistic and not profit-driven in any way.  This research, they insist, could cure debilitating diseases.  Yet, in the wake of $76M per annum in taxpayer dollars lavished on National Institutes of Health research, using the body parts of preborn children “for the greater good” has yielded no promising cures or treatments to date.

Instead of supporting the Planned Parenthood Federation of America’s claim that fetal body part harvesting is bettering society, the CMP’s fifth video – at nearly six hours long – only serves to underscore evidence that Planned Parenthood profits from the sale of preborn children they kill in abortions.  Farrell refers to “dissections” (of preborn children’s bodies) and other organ procurement activities as “line items” in the organization’s budget.

The video also portrays the callous attitudes of Planned Parenthood staff toward the lives of preborn children killed within their walls.  Farrell is giddy when she discusses the possibility that she may be able to dissect fully-intact, aborted children to procure organs that will be shipped to researchers all over the country.  These children, she explains, can be delivered breech for the sake of obtaining “intact fetal cadavers” for research.  Planned Parenthood would be in violation of federal law each time they manipulated an abortion procedure to obtain dead children who meet the specifications of a research company.  Before the full footage was even released, Texas Health and Human Services Executive Commissioner Chris Traylor expressed his concern over the content of the video.  In a statement, Commissioner Traylor conveyed that an investigation into Planned Parenthood is well underway:

The footage of Planned Parenthood Gulf Coast officials discussing the sale of fetal tissue and organs raises significant questions and concerns about the health and safety practices of the clinic.  At the direction of Governor Abbott, we are currently in the midst of a thorough investigation.  We are working closely with the Office of the Attorney General to evaluate whether any regulations or laws were broken, and will take appropriate action once the investigation is finalized.

Watch the full, unedited footage of Planned Parenthood Gulf Coast’s disturbing day-to-day operations here.  Near the five-hour mark content becomes graphic and may be disturbing to many viewers.

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