Texas abortion numbers spike in 12 year-olds; overall rate declines

Twelve and 13-year-olds were among two age categories that saw a rise in abortions in 2009.  In the data recently released in Texas, the overall number of abortions committed declined, but the abortion rate jumped for girls 13 and under.  These staggering statistics are a testament to the increased presence of Planned Parenthood’s abortion agenda being forced upon America’s youth.


Over the years Planned Parenthood has specifically targeted high school and college aged girls hoping to bolster the revenue of their abortion business.  However, the Texas Department of State Health Services reported that the abortion rate in Texas rose nearly 18 percent among girls younger than thirteen from 2008 to 2009.  The abortion giant is targeting girls in middle school and the abortion rate reflects this trend, showing a 32 percent increase among young girls since 2002.


Strongly advocating sex among young girls is part of Planned Parenthood’s scheme to promulgate the abortion agenda in the United States.  Planned Parenthood’s website boasts the organization's willingness to provide sex education materials to middle school classrooms that promote rampant teen sex.  Yet, the website condemns teaching abstinence education and furthers the over-sexualization of teens, resulting in higher abortion numbers in girls younger than thirteen.


Young girls are being told that freedom of sexual expression is perfectly acceptable at their age.  These girls are told that their peers are engaging in the same sexual activity, and Planned Parenthood assures them that the abortion provider is there to assist them in their contraceptive needs without the consent of their parents.  These girls are then encouraged to seek out Planned Parenthood should they happen to want an abortion as a result of their activity.

The statistic that girls this young are procuring abortions – or are even facing unplanned pregnancies – is heartbreaking.  These girls deserve better than the propaganda Planned Parenthood has forced upon them through their schools under the guise of women’s health care.  It is a step in the right direction that the overall abortion numbers in Texas have decreased, but a rise in abortions in young girls is alarming.


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