Texas Right to Life salutes our new governor for Pro-Life achievements

Even though he has just begun his tenure as the leader of Texas, Governor Greg Abbott’s Pro-Life legacy already has deep roots.  As former Attorney General, Abbott worked diligently — with then-Governor Rick Perry — to ensure a future of hope for the most vulnerable Texans.  Texas Right to Life could not be more pleased to see Governor Abbott succeeding Governor Perry as a Pro-Life stalwart we can trust.

As Attorney General, Greg Abbott’s role in promoting Life was largely to protect and defend Pro-Life legislation when laws came under attack.  Perhaps most notable among these laws has been HB2, the Pro-Life omnibus bill of the 2013 Legislative Session. During the nineteen months since the bill’s passage, the multi-faceted law has met with opposition from incredulous abortion pundits, who had grown accustomed to operating their sinister businesses sans scrutiny.

Greg Abbott has been at the helm of the HB2 debate from day one, ready at a moment’s notice to take any action in his power as Attorney General to defend the innocent lives threatened by abortion in Texas. He has steadfastly refused to allow Big Abortion to threaten the health of Texas women and the Lives of Texas preborn children by defending HB2 consistently. We know that as Governor, Abbott will continue in this vein.

But Greg Abbott’s Pro-Life achievements extend much further than HB2. Long before the bill’s inception, Abbott was hard at work supporting informed consent laws for pregnant mothers, and speaking up for the unborn victims of violence committed against pregnant mothers. As Attorney General, Greg Abbott also championed common sense safety measures that have ensured the protection of pregnant mothers who choose to undergo chemical abortions, insisting that abortion pills be dispensed only by licensed abortion mills.

We salute Greg Abbott for his unflinching commitment to LIFE. At Texas Right to Life, we look forward to the future of Pro-Life Texas, knowing that whatever challenges we may face, we will continue to confront them with a Pro-Life Governor at our side and ready to #Stand4Life. 

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