Texas Right to Life PAC to host event in Dallas

On December 1, the Texas Right to Life Political Action Committee will host an evening event at the Dallas Country Club.  Special guests include Lt. Governor Patrick, Senator Huffines, and Representative Rinaldi.

Dallas, Texas- December 1, 2015: This evening, the Texas Right to Life Political Action Committee will host an event in Dallas.  The reception will be at the Dallas Country Club with the main event starting at 7:00 p.m. and an intimate sponsor reception at 6:30 p.m. 

Texas Right to Life PAC is honored to be joined by special guests Lieutenant Governor Dan Patrick, State Senator Don Huffines, and State Representative Matt Rinaldi.  Lt. Governor Patrick has spearheaded the investigations of Planned Parenthood in Texas and has been a strong advocate for Life in his leadership of the Texas Senate.  Senator Huffines and Representative Rinaldi, both endorsed by Texas Right to Life PAC, were instrumental in their first term in the State Senate and House of Representatives, respectively. Each was recognized at Texas Right to Life’s 18th Annual Celebration of Life in October for their tireless work to defend Life.

Tonight’s event will be an opportunity for supporters to visit with the special guests and learn more about the work of Texas Right to Life PAC.  In an area of the state where many strong conservatives have pledged to elect candidates who share their Texas values, constituents have a growing interest in Pro-Life issues as the 2016 primary elections approach.  Many of those attending are strong Pro-Life advocates who have worked for years to advance the Culture of Life in Texas.





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