Students set record straight after anti-Life GOP member uses meeting as a photo op

Not so fast, Representative Renee Ellmers.

Last week we shared the story of Pro-Life students visiting Renee Ellmers’ office on Capitol Hill to ask why she derailed a crucial piece of federal Pro-Life legislation.  The students asked Ellmers pointed questions and scrutinized her attitude toward the Pro-Lifers who were working to ensure protections for the preborn. 

Rep. Ellmers gave unsatisfactory answers and, although remaining cordial, seemed unmoved by the Pro-Life Generation that called her out for her failure to protect Life.  After the meeting, Ellmers twisted the purpose of the meaning by posting a photo of herself with the Pro-Life students on Facebook with the caption, “I was fortunate to have the opportunity to speak with a group of students yesterday who are part of Students for Life.  We had a great conversation, and I always appreciate young people who are engaged in policy for the betterment of our country.”

Students for Life of America didn’t miss a beat, however.  The group quickly responded to Ellmers’ narrow recap of the meeting by saying, “We weren’t there for a photo op. We wanted to ask Congresswoman Ellmers why she was using millennials as a scapegoat to not vote on the 20 week abortion ban.  Read what really happened:"

Students for Life is referring to a statement made by Ellmers in which she purportedly said she was afraid that supporting Life would turn Millennial voters away from the Republican party.  But Ellmers is out-of-touch with the Pro-Life Generation and Millennial views on abortion.  Kudos to the students who hold our elected officials accountable for putting #LifeFirst in all that they do. 

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