Send Steve Toth to the State Senate

Steve Toth was elected with the endorsement of Texas Right to Life PAC and quickly began advancing the Pro-Life cause, advocating every Pro-Life bill and looking for ways to protect Life.

Now he’s running to be your next State Senator and he is the ONLY candidate to be endorsed by Texas Right to Life PAC.

Proving his Pro-Life credentials, Toth co-authored all of Texas Right to Life’s 2013 priority legislation, including House Bill 2, which protects preborn children by banning abortion at five months of pregnancy.  Toth also supported the regulations that have resulted in the closure of over a dozen abortion centers since August.  

Steve Toth also supports real reform to the Texas Advanced Directive Law and helped defeat SB 303, and anti-life bill that would have endangered disabled patients who are hospitalized.  Steve seeks to protect the rights of the disabled, dying, and infirm by restoring their rights to make vital health care decisions.

Steve Toth shares Texas Right to Life’s belief that innocent human life must be protected from fertilization to natural death, and now we need him in the State Senate!

Vote Pro-Life and elect Steve Toth on May 10!

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