Pro-choice Democrat rhetoric doesn’t match their votes

In many of the debates on the floor of the State House, abortion advocates accuse pro-Life representatives of not caring about women or children once the child is born. Our side is described as “having a love affair with the fetus,” which we consider to be the other “F-word.” 

Love affair with the fetus?  Perhaps, but not only do pro-lifers love fetuses, we also love all human lives, born and unborn, regardless of mental competence, disability, age, or race—and we seek to defend the right to life of all innocent humans.  During the budget debate in the House, many of our Pro-Life champions offered amendments to move money into programs that serve those with special needs; some of these programs were significantly cut in the draft of the state’s budget bill.  The amendments redirected family planning funds away from the abortion industry to programs and services that are more worthy of our tax-dollars—programs championed by the same members who champion abortion rights.  These Democrats had never had to choose between funds for their sacred ritual or funds for their lambs. 


Outspoken abortion advocate, Representative Dawnna Dukes (D-Austin), shared a personal story about adopting her daughter, who was found to have an Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD).  Because of early intervention, her daughter was able to overcome much of this disorder. However, when Representative Wayne Christian (R-Center) offered a budget amendment to restore funding to the Autism Program by moving money out of family planning, Dukes exploded, attacked the move, and voted against the reallocation.  The same ensued for all eight of Texas Right to Life’s reallocation amendments. 


Just last week, when the specialty “Choose Life” license plates was considered on the House floor, militant pro-abortion Representative Jessica Farrar (D-Houston) offered an amendment to send the money from the license plate fund to the Early Childhood Intervention (ECI) Program instead of the funds going to Pro-Life adoption counseling programs. Where was Representative Farrar’s vote when Pro-Life representatives amended the budget to restore funds to ECI?  Farrar voted against that budget amendment because it took money from the abortion industry. In true form, Farrar was eager to send money into ECI when the funds would have been taken from agencies promoting life over abortion. 


These actions and votes demonstrate that the number one priority for many elected representatives is to ensure that our tax dollars continue to fund and artificially sustain the Texas abortion industry, even when such organizations directly assault women and their unborn children.  Sadly, the top priority for these members is to advance the culture of death at all costs.

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