Pro-abortion group Stop Patriarchy makes a ruckus in Austin

Last week, Texas Right To Life released a video highlighting the chilling words proclaimed by an abortion zealot with the group Stop Patriarchy.  In the video, an abortion extremist says “We want to fight for abortion rights…and we’re not gonna stop until we win.”

True to their words, Stop Patriarchy was out in full force in Austin Wednesday afternoon.

As college students flooded the University of Texas’ campus for the first day of school, members of the extremist group stood in the middle of busy Guadalupe Street bordering campus.  Donned in white shirts and pants that were painted to look as if they were bleeding, the gang blocked traffic, while screaming their mantra of “Abortion on demand and without apology!”

Five members of the group were arrested and charged with Class B misdemeanors for obstructing a highway or other passage way.  The group has vowed to continue to make a spectacle of themselves throughout September in protest of the final provision of HB 2, requiring abortion centers to upgrade to ambulatory surgical centers.

Apparently jail bars could not deter the extremism of Stop Patriarchy.  They were back with bullhorns in hand shouting their anti-life jabber on the UT campus later that week.

Reminiscent of the atrocious costumes, language, and actions that were paraded through and around the Capitol last summer, Pro-Lifers should remain ever vigilant when the abortion activists continue to showcase their radical motives.

As the legislative session looms in January, Pro-Life Texans can already rally behind Pro-Life leaders as they work to propose new legislation to protect the preborn from the hands of Planned Parenthood and other radical members of the abortion industry.  Electing proven Pro-Life legislators to advocate for all innocent human Life in the Capitol is essential.

As abortion pushers try to pick up steam in their efforts to derail Pro-Life victories, Pro-Lifers must continue the unyielding defense of Life both in the halls of the Capitol and in our own communities.

Stop Patriarchy claims they will not stop until they win.  Clearly, they underestimate the willpower of Pro-Life Texans.  Texans have already shown they will not allow a vulgar, unruly mob to undermine and circumvent the values on which Texas is built.  If Stop Patriarchy thinks they can win, Pro-Life Texans will gladly continue proving them wrong. 



Photo via Sarah Montgomery/The Daily Texan 

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