Pro-Life group calls on Christians to vote for Life in the 2015-2016 elections

Another election cycle is upon us, and the duty to vote Pro-Life has never been more imperative.  Thousands of American children continue to face tragic abortion deaths every single day; hospital patients are threatened by laws that do more to protect the interests of the medical lobby than of Life; and the media continue their crusade to undermine the Right to Life at every opportunity.  But, in spite of challenges, the tide is turning. 

The modern Pro-Life movement has generated the strongest momentum we have ever seen.  Horrifying new revelations about the abortion industry have galvanized many voters out of prior complacency and into action.  Planned Parenthood is dying a slow but steady death at the hands of voters and public opinion.  And candidates who mistakenly believe that abortion is not a big deal to their constituencies are being continually apprised of that fact at the polls.

Priests for Life has announced a new website, Political Responsibility, to help voters align their Pro-Life conviction with their political action.  “Throughout this election cycle, as in every election cycle,” explains Priests for Life National Director, Rev. Frank Pavone, “we insist that the people of God need to elect public servants who know the difference between serving the public and killing the public.”

Political Responsibility has aggregated information for national and state-level activism all in one place.  A primary goal of the endeavor is to register voters.  Registration is the first and most important step in making your voice for Life heard.  Visitors to the site can view information about state caucuses and primaries, a timeline of the 2016 presidential election, and how to register to vote.  The site provides state-specific voter registration.  Information for Texas is as follows:(800) 252-VOTE State Voter Registration Website  Voter Registration Form

“We thank all our fellow citizens who had heeded that message [to vote Pro-Life],” said Fr. Pavone, “and made possible so many victories.  Now it's time for the work to continue.”  Visit regularly for everything you need to know about upcoming Texas elections and how you can be involved in political action for Life. 

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