Pro-Life fraud alert: 84th Session Dishonorable Mentions List

Last Month Texas Right to Life released the 84th Session Pro-Life Scorecard showing how your elected officials did on their public votes and positions on bills.  However, Scorecards never tell the full story.  The vast majority of work and efforts that will either advance or stifle Pro-Life legislation happens behind closed doors, far away from the eye of the voting public.  This is why Texas Right to Life also released two additional lists to reveal the truth about the 84th Legislative Session to Pro-Life Texans.

Click here to see the Pro-Life Heroes List that shows who went above and beyond voting the right way, worked tirelessly for Pro-Life victories, and made such a challenging session a success.

Unfortunately, there were also elected officials this past legislative session who have worked against Pro-Life reforms or have promoted dangerous legislation that Texas Right to Life opposed.  Even though some of these individuals may have decent voting records when Pro-Life legislation finally had public votes, these elected officials did more harm to the cause than help this year.  For these legislators, Texas Right to Life has also released the 84th Session Dishonorable Mentions List.

The Texas Right to Life team worked in the Capitol nonstop to promote the strongest Pro-Life policies and stop the dangerous and anti-Life efforts being advanced.  On account of our 140 Days of Pro-Life lobbying and leadership in the Capitol, we saw first hand how these elected officials intentionally hindered the best Life-saving bills or promoted policies that would have been a step back for Life in Texas.

In the next few weeks Texas Right to Life will continue to release more information and set the record straight of how these elected officials did more harm than good to the cause of Life this year.


84th Session Dishonorable Mentions List


1.      Chairman Byron Cook

2.      Representative Sarah Davis

3.      Chairman Charlie Geren

4.      Representative Patricia Harless

5.      Chairman Jim Keffer

6.      Representative Eddie Lucio III

7.      Representative Elliott Naishtat

8.      Representative Debbie Riddle

9.      Representative JD Sheffield

10.  Representative Jason Villalba

11.  Chairman John Zerwas

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