Pro-Life Action Alert

We know you are all anxious to support us in our efforts to pass House Bill 2, the Pro-Life omnibus bill for the 2nd Special Session.  Thank you for your willingness to support Texas Right to Life in our efforts to stand for Life, provide a voice to the Preborn, protect women, and to defend the defenseless.

House Bill 2 will be heard in committee as early as 3:30pm this Tuesday, July 2.  All Pro-Lifers in attendance in Austin are encouraged to join us at the Capitol Extension (E2.030).

Click here for a map of the Capitol

We will be filling up the hearing room and lining up the hallways of the Capitol Extension about 2pm.  It is expected that the testimony may run as late as midnight.


If you attend a hearing day, please register at the Capitol kiosk in support of House Bill 2.  The kiosks are on stands outside the committee room.  Likewise, if you would like to participate in the testimony, please prepare a three-minute testimony explaining how abortion has hurt you or someone you love.  When you register at the Capitol kiosk in support of House Bill 2, then you may also select your desire to testify.  Be prepared for a long day and night, and bring snacks and beverages.

""Remember to wear baby blue!

Today, July 1, we expect the bill to be referred to committee.  However, it is not necessary for you to be present today.   By mid-week, we will have the calendar for the remaining three days where your attendance would be beneficial.  These days include: a vote in the House, a hearing in the Senate, and a final vote in the Senate.  As soon as we have the calendar details confirmed, we will release that information to you quickly.

Attendance at any one of these four days would be very much appreciated.  Some people are coming in for one day and others are arranging to be in Austin for all four.   Parking may prove to be a bit of a problem.  However, we're currently working on securing private parking at area churches and businesses and then bussing folks over to the Capitol grounds.

PARKING – Within walking distance

· Capitol Visitor Parking Lot* – 1201 San Jacinto Blvd, east of the Capitol.

· Meter parking* – meters are limited around the Capitol and you must move your car after 3 hours

· Double Tree Suites* – 303 W. 15th Street, west of the Capitol

· Bob Bullock Museum* – 1800 N. Congress, north of the Capitol

· Wells Fargo Garage, 400 W 15th St., west of the Capitol

*Fees apply

What YOU Can Do Today

Steps to #Stand4Life

1. Pray and intercede for wisdom, courage, and strength for all of the elected officials who will vote on this measure.  Pray that they will all stand for life regardless of the spiritual, emotional, and physical attacks leveled against them.

2. Call and email YOUR Representative and Senator starting on Monday with a simple message, "Please speak, stand, and vote FOR HB 2.  My support will be significantly determined by the vote on this bill."  You may also sign up for text alerts from Governor Perry by texting "LIFE" to 21824.

Visit this link to confirm your correct Representative and Senator:

3. Come to the Texas State Capitol in Austin for the hearings and/or the final vote in each chamber when scheduled.  We must not let the majority of Pro-Life Texas citizens be unorganized on this critical issue at this critical hour. (Committee and vote schedule details will be sent when available.)

4. Encourage your Pastor to personally use every communication available of pulpit, email, text, etc., to call out your congregation to join you in attending.  There will be a special meeting space set aside near the Capitol as a reception area for pastors to pick up information packets, rest, and pray!  Watch for more information, or email Dave Welch at

5. Encourage your family, friends, co-workers and church members to join you in these efforts.  Use the hashtag #Stand4Life on Twitter to show support for all Life.  There is definitely strength in numbers.  Now is the time to show that the majority of Texans are Pro-Life.

If you have questions or plan to attend, please contact Melissa Conway at or the Texas Right to Life office at 713-782-5433.

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