Planned Parenthood lobby day

(Austin) Planned Parenthood supporters donned their infamous pink shirts and flooded the Capitol on Thursday, rallying for more abortion funding under the guise of “women’s health.”

Planned Parenthood lies to the public about its mission and begs for disproportionate funding for limited services, claiming that it offers crucial healthcare for women, but for a “family planning” business, Planned Parenthood doesn’t do much to help with family planning.  For instance, it can only refer elsewhere for prenatal care, adoption counseling, and anything else related to actually caring for a family.  In what some have nicknamed Planned Parenthood’s “Mammosham,” the company’s own president, Cecile Richards, led people to believe that it provides mammograms for women when it does not – and never has – provided this crucial service to women.

Pro-abortion Rep. Mary Gonzalez (D-Clint) thanked supporters for being at the rally, claiming that they were “saving lives” by doing so.  She even went on to tell the story of her namesake, a woman who traveled to Mexico for an illegal abortion.  She claimed that without abortion access, an “underground market” would be started.  “What you are doing is so important, because these are people’s lives that we’re messing with.”

Pro-abortion Rep. Donna Howard (D-Austin) pushed to reinstate funding that Pro-Life legislators cut from Planned Parenthood in 2011.  “We’ve had our safety net decimated by what happened last legislative session,” Howard lamented, “putting this on the backs of women who can least afford it.  What we have to deal with right now is standing with Planned Parenthood while we try to restore some of the funding that was cut last session.”

Even Planned Parenthood’s own supporters are confused by its mission.  At the rally, when one woman was asked why she was there to support Planned Parenthood, she replied, “We provide medical care for children and men, and we’re there as a support system.”  Not a single Planned Parenthood in the nation has ever provided care for children, and of the limited services provided for men, all can be obtained elsewhere for free.

Texas Right to Life and Pro-Life legislators cut 64.2 million dollars from the abortion industry in 2011, causing the closure of 13 Planned Parenthood facilities across the state.  Texas Right to Life and these hardworking legislators are the ones who are really caring for these women, by removing funding from the hands of Planned Parenthood and placing it into the pool for real, quality family planning services.

Rep. Justin Rodriguez (D-San Antonio), another proud abortion advocate, exclaimed at the rally: “Providing more women access to family planning and preventive healthcare issues saves not just lives, but Texas’ money.”

Planned Parenthood takes the lives of over 329,000 children every year in the United States.  Abortion is not healthcare.  Abortion does not save lives.

Clearly, Planned Parenthood is founded on anti-Life principles, and until the day it ceases to commit abortions, Planned Parenthood should never receive a penny of taxpayer dollars.  Call your legislators and urge them to keep Planned Parenthood out of the Family Planning budget.  Planned Parenthood does not plan families; it takes lives.

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