Planned Parenthood attempts to infiltrate publics schools

Planned Parenthood is attempting to increase their presence in public schools to promote their pro-abortion agenda to students.  The official Planned Parenthood website has a section designed for middle and high school educators to use for sexual education lessons. 

Planned Parenthood’s website offers educators several resources and links to help them create a sexual education curriculum that promotes sexual promiscuity and exploration of alternative lifestyles.  The website offers to help educators craft lessons and activities that “cover human development, human reproduction, sexual health, masturbation and other sexual behaviors, all options for unintended pregnancies, sexual expression, sexual identity, and sexual orientation.”

Teachers are encouraged to select pamphlets for their classroom that cover all topics from having sex to deciding to have an abortion.  There are also links to videos and websites that cast sexual behavior and expression in a positive light.  Students are getting the message that sexual expression is healthy and normal, and if they should happen to need an abortion as a result of all of this activity, then their local Planned Parenthood affiliate will be there to assist them.  There is a disclaimer on the website that Planned Parenthood Federation has not necessarily reviewed or endorsed these curricula or materials.

Planned Parenthood also provides “educators and trainers” who are available for public schools to present topics to students in health or biology classes.  The topics available include abortion, safer sex, and women’s sexual health.  There is a section of the website for educators to enter their zip code to find a local list of presenters.  The site promises that these presentations are, “engaging, medically accurate, and age-appropriate.”  These speakers are articulate, energetic, and persuasive and create a permanent link between fun and Planned Parenthood in the student’s minds.

Pro-Life activists and organizations must continue to fight to either expel or keep Planned Parenthood materials and speakers from all public schools.  Most districts now require parental notification and consent letters before students are exposed to speakers from Planned Parenthood.  If this has not happened, local Pro-Life activists begin grassroots and legal efforts to make sure that these safeguards are implemented immediately.  The most effective steps to fight the presence of Planned Parenthood in schools include educating the community about the situation and addressing the school board with an accurate, detailed, and researched complaint.  

Pro-Life Texans have done an excellent job of keeping Planned Parenthood out of public schools.  One of our own “Generation Now” scholars had a Planned Parenthood speaker in her biology class in a public high school in Corpus Christi.  A local activist was able to make a difference and make sure that the school no longer had speakers from Planned Parenthood ever again.

This is an area in which the Pro-Life community must never cease our efforts.  Planned Parenthood is working around the clock to spread their pro-abortion agenda and corrupt the impressionable minds of the country’s youth.  Call your local school district administrative offices and ask them who provides the sexual educational materials for health and biology classes.  If they say that Planned Parenthood is the provider, contact Texas Right to Life for steps you can take to fight and expel this organization from your child’s school.    



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