Op-ed: The irony of Obama’s SOTU address

Obama is, hands-down, the most anti-Life president in American history.  No other American leader has advocated as many anti-Life policies, condoned with such lavish praise the actions of America’s biggest death peddlers, or turned a blind eye to the atrocities inflicted on the very Americans he swore to protect when he took office – twice.  Barack Obama is a stain on American history.  And he confirmed in his final State of the Union address on Tuesday night that we needn’t hold our breaths for change, remorse, or apology for these actions against human Life.

Obama opened his address with a laundry list of praise for the country America has been under his leadership.  He characterized the country as being at a crossroads: Americans may choose to “broaden opportunity” by following Obama’s blueprint for the United States post-2016, or they can engage in changes that will “widen inequality.”  He views the past seven years as a time of progress – progress, he says, which is “not inevitable; it’s the result of choices we make.”  These choices (which ostensibly include the passage of the Affordable Care Act), he claims, provide “everything we need to ensure prosperity and security for generations to come.” 

Generations to come.  This brings us full circle to Obama’s anti-Life actions as president.  In Obama’s America, progress and the mass murder of American children are somehow not mutually exclusive.  Obama expects America to stand out as a shining example of ethical leadership, provision for the less-fortunate, and closing inequality gaps, while leaving a trail of innocent blood in our wake.  This is more than illogical; this is insane.  This is diabolical.

Early in his address, Obama boasted that “We saw opportunity where others saw peril.”  Indeed.  Obama and his culture of death comrades see what can be gained from trampling on the lives of the weak and defenseless right here on home soil as opportunity.  The rest of the nation – those he called “cynics” in his address – see this as peril.  Peril not just for the victims of this violence, but also for the future of our country. 

Obama takes for granted the “generations to come” to which he so casually refers.  If America sees future generations, our success will be in spite of Barack Obama, not because of him. 

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