Obama’s latest appointee could have lasting repercussions on Pro-Life movement

Last week President Barack Obama added another abortion advocate to his long list of judicial appointees.

Andrew Hurwitz was confirmed on June 11 by the U. S. Senate to be appointed to a federal appellate court in California. Hurwitz not only embodies the views of the nation’s most notorious, pro-abortion president, but he claims to have helped craft the groundwork for the Roe v. Wade decision.

Hurwitz claimed that as a law clerk in 1972, he helped Judge Jon Newman of Connecticut write two key abortion decisions which helped establish the conceptual groundwork for the Roe v. Wade ruling. These decisions are then what helped land him a Supreme Court clerkship.

Senator Mike Lee (R-Utah) openly opposed Hurwitz’ nomination at the June 11 confirmation hearing because of Hurwitz’ abortion record.

Lee said, “His endorsement of the reasoning underlying Roe v. Wade raises immense concerns about his constitutional jurisprudence.  While Mr. Hurwitz continues to write about Roe with fondness, nostalgia, and even pride, most legal scholars — including many who hold very liberal political views — concede that Roe was an extraordinarily flawed legal decision.”

Pro-Life Texas Republican Senator John Cornyn originally supported a filibuster to delay the confirmation of Hurwitz and ultimately voted against his nomination.

As Obama’s 25th nominee to a federal judgeship, Hurwitz will serve on the Ninth Circuit Court, an important appellate court. The Ninth Circuit holds jurisdiction over the entire West Coast, as well as Arizona, Montana, Nevada, Idaho, Hawaii, and Alaska – totaling over 60 million Americans.

The Ninth Circuit Court is notorious for being the most liberal appellate court in the U.S. and Obama’s appointment of Hurwitz adds to the four judges on the Ninth Circuit previously appointed by the President. These appointments only solidify the liberal, pro-abortion stances of that court for many more years. Pro-Life legislation that comes from the states that fall under the Ninth Circuit’s jurisdiction will face tougher battles to enact Life-saving laws.

Obama’s appointment of Hurwitz emphasizes the President’s ongoing dedication to promulgating his abortion agenda. By appointing life-long, pro-abortion judges, Obama is setting the nation up for years of judges who will block Pro-Life legislation when appealed to higher courts.

Eight vacancies remain on the United States’ eleven different circuit appellate courts. One of those vacancies is on the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals that upheld the landmark Sonogram Law passed by the Texas Legislature in 2011.

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