New Wave Feminists blast Planned Parenthood "research"

The ladies at New Wave Feminists took an attention-grabbing approach to outlining the overt similarities between Planned Parenthood’s poster organ harvester, Deborah Nucatola, and the Nazis’ most famous doctor, Josef Mengele.

The women at the helm of NWF, Destiny Herndon-De La Rosa and Kristen Hatten, have a brand of humor that shocks at times.  In the video they have fun with a giant glass of wine and piles of iceberg lettuce, but they are careful to note that there is a serious message in the humorous video.  They are not making light of this horrifying tragedy, they are calling attention to the injustice through their off-beat sense of humor.

Mengele, better known as the “angel of death,” conducted horrifying experiments on the human beings in concentration camps during the Holocaust.  In similar utilitarian and inhumane fashion, Nucatola harvests the body parts of preborn children, who never consent to the “donation” of their bodies to science.  

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 “Josef Mengele was a world famous physician who much like Planned Parenthood was truly passionate about scientific advancements and medical research,” NWF writes.

The cold inhumanity of Mengele’s approach was predicated on a purported commitment to science.  Likewise, as she iterates repeatedly in the Center for Medical Progress’ undercover video, Planned Parenthood abortionist Deborah Nucatola expresses her belief that harvesting the body parts of the children she kills in abortion is “good” – because of the scientific progress they can theoretically effect.

The video captures parallels between Nucatola and Mengele with uncanny clarity:  “If what it takes to make, you know, the world a better place is for some people to have chemicals injected into their eyeballs, I mean, that’s sad.  But that is what has to happen.  Look, the truth of the matter is, Dr. Mengele did make advances… the important thing is that society flourished… Sometimes you have to make sacrifices, and sometimes those sacrifices are, you know, innocent people, children, whatever.”


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