Not done yet: Undercover group reveals that up to dozen additional videos incriminating Planned Parenthood are coming

Thus far, the Center for Medical Progress (CMP) has released one video last week and a second video this morning detailing Planned Parenthood’s involvement in fetal organ trafficking – and the first video has been intensely scrutinized by Pro-Lifers, abortion activists, and “neutral” parties alike.  Arguments pointing out myriad problems with Planned Parenthood’s actions have come from all factions.  Some also contend that there is not enough evidence in the initial video to suggest felonious activity by Planned Parenthood.  However, the dozen or so videos reportedly in the pipeline may shed light on the legality (or lack thereof) of Planned Parenthood’s operations in fetal body part harvesting.

There was speculation that the second video from CMP would be released sometime this week, and this morning, the video surfaced.  The Washington Post concluded that outrage and backlash from last week’s undercover video insured Planned Parenthood had the “worst week in Washington.”  If a steady stream of undercover footage is awaiting release, Planned Parenthood may end up having the worst year in Washington.  Not only has widespread coverage of the video marred the abortion giant’s mainstream image, but the immediate action of state and Congressional investigations has already undoubtedly caused upheaval within the organization.

For example, Deborah Nucatola, the abortionist caught on camera explaining the way she “crushes” preborn children in abortion to procure intact organs for medical research, has been asked by leaders of the U.S. House Energy and Commerce Committee to appear no later than July 31, 2015.  The Committee would like Nucatola “to explain specifically the context and meaning of her statements on the video, what comments were edited or not portrayed accurately, and to provide information so that we may better understand your organization’s practices and standards relating to the collection and sale of fetal tissue.”

There is no telling what information remains in store as this investigation progresses and more videos are released.  However, Pro-Life leaders across the board – including Texas Governor Greg Abbott – have been very clear in affirming that the endgame is to wholly defund the undeserving Planned Parenthood Federation of America of all taxpayer dollars. 

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