Media remains tight-lipped on Planned Parenthood Medicaid fraud accusation

As the golden child of Barack Obama, Planned Parenthood has been shielded by the protective arms of the liberal media.  Unsurprisingly, mainstream media outlets have failed to report on the recent accusations that Planned Parenthood of the Gulf Coast committed massive Medicaid fraud.


Conventional news sources have bought into the delusion that Planned Parenthood is an organization that puts women’s healthcare above everything else.  The mask Planned Parenthood wears has made the media turn a blind eye to any blemish the organization sustains.  Yet, the mainstream media is quick to defend the world’s largest committer of abortions whenever the threat of defunding is brought up or Pro-Lifers uncover abuses and injustices Planned Parenthood would rather sweep under the rug.


The alleged widespread Medicaid abuses have been reported to both the Texas Attorney General’s office and the U.S. Department of Justice, but no major news source deems the allegations important enough to mention.  The only sources reporting these abuses are either Pro-Life or small, conservative, independent publications.

The double standard is clear, and it is time Planned Parenthood is exposed for its rabid abortion scheme and the atrocities it is already guilty of committing.  The mainstream media and pro-abortion advocates cry foul every time a conservative politician suggests Planned Parenthood is unworthy of tax dollars because they claim it will threaten women’s health; yet the same news sources undoubtedly fail to report any of the abuses Planned Parenthood is guilty of that are already threatening women’s lives.  


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