Hypocrisy: Men should speak up in favor of abortion, but shut up if they are Pro-Life

The abortion movement could also be called the hypocrisy movement.  They call themselves feminist, yet are thoroughly anti-woman.  They say women have a right to abortion, but deny the right to LIFE.  They encourage men to speak up if they advocate abortion, but demand that they shut up if they are Pro-Life.  

“You don’t have a uterus!” they shout, suggesting that an absence of female reproductive organs disqualifies men from making judgments of right and wrong.  But this anatomical difference is no problem – in fact, it is a great boon – when men want to express their belief in the rightness of abortion. 

See the hypocrisy? 

Let’s get into the dirty details.  NARAL Pro-Choice America hosts cocktail hour fundraisers across the country called “Men for Choice (and the Women Who Love Them).”  These events are designed to pad the coffers (via donations of $100 to $2,500) of an organization that works to ensure that – at the end of the day – men have no say in what happens to their children in life-or-death situations. 

NARAL Pro-Choice America is an organization that rallies behind the idea that women should have absolute domination over not just what happens to their own bodies, but what happens to the tiny body that grows inside of them during pregnancy – the tiny body that received half of its genetic makeup from a man.  Thanks to NARAL Pro-Choice America, fathers continue to be belittled by organizations like Planned Parenthood, which shun men who try to save their children from death in an abortion.  Thanks to NARAL, these men will continue to be heartbroken by the reality that, according to the law, their fatherhood has no value – unless a woman decides not to kill their baby, in which case he is legally obligated to provide for and support the baby. 

NARAL’s hypocrisy in “supporting” men who rally behind abortion rights is borderline schizophrenic when one considers the abnegation of manhood and fatherhood that exists in the abortion camp. 

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