How many times do the fanatics have to fail before they flee Texas?

Wendy Davis only won an embarrassing 19 of the 254 counties in Texas — even the faithful base of Democrats rejected her and her extreme views.  On Election Day, Texans reassured the anti-LIFE forces of Battleground Texas, Planned Parenthood, and Wendy Davis that the Lone Star State cherishes our Pro-God, Pro-Family, and Pro-Life fundamentals.

Known only for her infamous and vicious filibuster of a Pro-Life bill, Davis tried to repackage herself as a champ of children as far as health care and education. False start on that one: The children have to be…born …for all that championing.

The bill she filibustered was introduced partly to address the butcher shop abortion clinics in Texas that operate like those of the now-convicted Kermit Gosnell in Philadelphia did.  Wendy is so extreme that she blathered for 11 hours to stop legislation that would save the lives of women entering abortion clinics, so extreme and blinded by her fealty to abortion that she miscalculated the future campaign tightrope balance of nuanced pro-choice rhetoric with aggressive advocacy of abortion on demand without apology.

Even the far left Texas Observer laments Davis’ deleterious impact on the election and long-term plans for turning Texas blue:

Fifteen months ago, the energy produced by the abortion filibuster offered Texas Democrats hope for the 2014 election, hope that the filibuster might kickstart a Democratic resurgence. Instead, in a dark irony, the filibuster likely did just the opposite: It may well have set back a Democratic resurgence for years to come.

Abbott, who has achieved an unblemished two-decades long Pro-Life track record as an elected office-holder, won in a landslide with 59% of the vote, and he shared his coattails with many like-minded conservatives up and down the ballot.  Abbott didn’t need to convince many voters of his measured policies on various issues, judiciously reminding faithful and would-be followers of his accomplishments and successes in the various offices in which he has served.

Like Obama, Davis helped re-energize the Pro-Life voters as few others ever have. Her abortion fanaticism made her a one-issue candidate, alienating voters who may have otherwise been oblivious to her abortion stance.  None of her positions or policy goals on other issues could be heard over the noise of her abortion filibuster.

Davis flaunted herself as the next feminist icon, underestimating Texas’ reaction to infanticide and her fanatical support, giving the "F:  word new meaning: “Filibuster” and now epic “Fail.” 

A politico in South Texas heard a high-ranking senator tell Davis: “Your abortion stance is a millstone around our neck with voters.  Don’t come here to campaign.”  The millstone proved true up and down the ballot in districts that historically have trended Democrat, sinking congressional incumbent Pete Gallego and the Democrat candidates in State House District 23 and State Senate District 10, Davis’ former seat that the Democrats hoped to retain.

Long may these Pro-Life Winners Reign:

  • Senate Author of the 2011 Texas Sonogram Bill, Senator Dan Patrick won 58% of the vote for Lieutenant Governor.

  • Senator Paxton won close to 59% of the vote for Attorney General.

  • Senate Author of the historical 2013 House Bill 2, Senator Glenn Hegar won 58% of the vote for Comptroller.

  • House Author of the 2011 Texas Sonogram Bill, Sid Miller won 59% of the vote for Agriculture Commissioner.

  • Pro-Life Advocate George P. Bush won 60% of the vote for Agriculture Commissioner.

Pro-Life victories in the Texas House:

  • House Author of the historical 2013 House Bill 2, Representative Jodie Laubenberg soundly won with a sweeping 71%.

  • Dauntless Pro-Life Candidate Tony Tinderholt won a tough race in Arlington for State House District 94.

  • For the first time, the State House seat in Galveston/Chambers County will send a Pro-Life –at-all-stages– representative to Austin with winner Wayne Faircloth!

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