Guess which State Rep. stands behind Wendy?

Susan King claims that she is Pro-Life, yet last year she spoke AGAINST key provisions of Texas' most powerful Pro-Life Bill (HB2) on the House floor and voted for numerous weakening amendments.

King even told an Abilene newspaper (video below) that she's "not sure that some parts of [HB2] were the best decision."

Susan King does not stand for Life, nor does she stand for your values; she’d rather stand behind Wendy Davis.

Check out this photo of her the night of Wendy Davis' filibuster, wearing an orange jacket (orange was the color abortion supporters wore when they stormed and disrupted the Texas legislative process).

This photo says it all!


King supported these loopholes to House Bill 2, the newest and strongest Pro-Life law in the nation:

  • King voted to exempt abortion facilities from the same health and safety requirements as ambulatory surgical centers;

  • King voted to lower the standard for hospital privileges required for abortionists;

  • King voted for a loophole to exempt some doctors from seeking admitting privileges;

  • King voted to remove all doctor and clinic regulations in the bill;

  • King voted to kill fully-formed babies after five months who were conceived in rape and incest.

Susan King FAILED with an abysmal 29% on the Texas Pro-Life Legislative scorecard.

Susan King’s votes, actions, and even her own words prove her priorities do not lie with the people of District 71, but rather her own interests.

Her EPIC FAIL of 29% Pro-Life is below.


Despite 78,000 abortions in Texas annually, Susan opposed your wishes for stronger protections on preborn babies, and voted against tighter restrictions and higher safety standards at abortion centers.

Is 29% good enough for you?

To vote Pro-Life, visit for a full list of Pro-Life candidates in the March 4th Primary Election.

Watch Susan King speak against the most powerful Pro-Life legislation from the last legislative session:

"I'm not sure that some parts of this bill were the best decision." – Susan King

Susan King is not right for District 71, and she’s not right for Texas.

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