Governor Perry calls on Planned Parenthood to cease scare tactics

Texas Right to Life was honored to be included in Governor Perry’s press conference to announce the new Texas Women’s Health Program barring abortion providers like Planned Parenthood and their affiliates.  Since we worked to keep this program clean in the 2011 Legislative Session, Texas Right to Life has been working with Governor Perry and his staff since then to write rules that would encompass legitimate health care agencies into the program.

Governor Perry made strong statements representing the values of the majority of Texans who do not want their tax dollars funding abortion: 

As the elected representatives of the people of the state of Texas, they have made it crystal-clear that this important program will not be used to give taxpayer dollars to abortion groups and affiliates.  This law reflects the clear values of the state. In Texas, we cherish innocent life, and we won’t allow taxpayer money to be used to promote or provide abortions through the women’s health program…

Governor Perry has prioritized access to care for women seeking basic health care and screenings.  And Governor Perry shares Texas Right to Life’s goal of offering women ample options when selecting a provider.  Women should not be driven to abortion clinics for routine exams and other needs.  Governor Perry emphasized:

It’s my hope that those who [Planned Parenthood] will be excluded from participating in this program, because of their support of abortions, end the scare tactics that have been going on, and focus on what’s truly important, and that’s helping these patients get the services they need and deserve…Texas will not allow a program that includes abortion providers or their affiliates like Planned Parenthood to be a provider.

Texas Right to Life appreciates the bold leadership demonstrated by Governor Perry on the life issues.  He is the true champ for women and women’s health in Texas!

Please take a moment to thank Governor Perry for his unwavering support for the unborn in Texas.

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