Four Years Later: Lasting impact of Texas Right to Life’s de-funding of the abortion industry

Nearly four years ago, during the 2011 Legislative Session, Texas Right to Life launched an unprecedented, successful plan to defund the state’s abortion industry, including Planned Parenthood, America’s largest abortion promoter.  

Before 2011, about 36 abortion centers and their countless affiliates were using your tax dollars for their questionable “family planning” services.  Texas Right to Life’s funding reallocation strategy resulted in the closure of more than a dozen such clinics, plus an increase of health care dollars serving a broader population with a fuller scope of services. Watch how Texas Right to Life worked with Pro-Life legislators across the state to ensure abortion-free women’s healthcare by de-funding abortion businesses and their affiliates.

In short, Texas women were receiving zero services from Planned Parenthood that could not be provided to them at other, clean health centers.  These clean, non-abortion-affiliated centers now are eligible for and using the state funds that were being gobbled up by Planned Parenthood.


Because of this historic defunding success, Texas Right to Life has taught leaders in other states to start the process of redirecting health care dollars away from abortion businesses and to legitimate health care and assistance programs.

Because of your prayers and commitment to Texas Right to Life, we have impacted the Culture of Life in Texas and beyond.

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