Former Texas Governor Rick Perry gives a brilliant response to Planned Parenthood questions

Ah, the Planned Parenthood-Obama Administration love affair continues.  This time the White House is helping Planned Parenthood hide in their own PR bubble by stating that Planned Parenthood must not be at fault, because they say they abide by the “highest ethical guidelines.”  After all, there’s no precedent for this behavior, right?  …right?  I mean, Cecile Richards has lied on camera, and Planned Parenthood has been caught engaging in federal felonies multiple times.  But that’s not the point.  Or, is that precisely the point?  

In case you missed Richards’ rather entertaining (or was it infuriating?) “explanation” of Planned Parenthood’s engagement in the fetal organ harvesting business, watch below:

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Make no mistake: Cecile Richards is very sorry for Deborah Nucatola’s “tone” in describing the way brains, lungs, livers, hearts, and lower extremities are harvested from the preborn children she kills in abortion every day.  After all, Nucatola was undoubtedly trained to speak about such matters so as not to induce nausea and actual awareness of Planned Parenthood’s internal modus operandi in the general public.  She’s supposed to call decapitated fetal heads, “products of conception” and refer to their removal as “evacuation.”  She most certainly is not supposed to lap up expensive wine and chomp on gourmet salad while nonchalantly explaining her ingenious methods of baby-crushing to unaffiliated organizations (and, incidentally, the entire country).

Nucatola failed Planned Parenthood – big time.  You can see the dismay on poor Richards’ face (adding insult to injury, Richards was once under the illusion that Nucatola was “amazing!”).  Oh, the difficult emotions she must be experiencing knowing now that she was wrong.  And, even though they haven’t actually taken the time to watch Nucatola’s conversation, the Obama Administration is totally buying Planned Parenthood’s claim that they are an ethical organization that simply has an (extremely high-ranking) abortionist with the unfortunate tendency to use the wrong tone of voice.

Thankfully, though, the United States Congressand at least six states (including Texas) have launched investigations into Planned Parenthood’s questionable involvement in fetal body part harvesting.  Former Texas Governor Rick Perry appeared on MSNBC last week and was asked to talk about Planned Parenthood.  But he wasn’t just asked to talk about the heinous revelations in the investigative video (as he had done earlier in the week).  Instead, he was bizarrely asked whether he thinks Planned Parenthood provides any services “that are valuable.”  (This is like asking whether the Ku Klux Klan was a little bit good because they contributed to the economic prosperity of companies that made white sheets and lynches.)  His response is brilliant:

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Perry indulged the question.  But he quickly upturned the conversation by responding:  “And Mark, let me ask you, you looked at that video and you’re good with it?”  To which the interviewer answered:  “I think the video raises a lot of questions and you and others have raised them.”  Satisfied, Perry concluded: “It does indeed.  And I think you just answered the question for us. Thank you.”

And thank you to our former governor for a refreshingly honest response.  Let’s hope more politicians see the need for shock in the wake of two alarming undercover videos calling into question Planned Parenthood’s use of taxpayer dollars. 

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