False attacks continue to be lodged against Texas Right to Life

We at Texas Right to Life are saddened to be targeted by a former abortion mill worker who habitually sows division among Pro-Life advocates.  Most recently, she even took a poll on her own Facebook page through a veiled threat.  Although she didn’t mention Texas Right to Life, we are familiar with her work and these attempts to draw attention and publicity toward herself.

Regrettably, this activist posits a nonexistent affiliation between Texas Right to Life and Planned Parenthood, claiming she has evidence.  (We know that we shouldn’t be amused, but seriously, evidence of that?  We’d like to see such evidence ourselves!)  From what we can tell, her allegations stems from a legislative issue in 2005—WHEN THIS ACTIVIST WAS STILL EMPLOYED BY AMERICA’S LARGEST ABORTION CHAIN. 

Explanation of that legislative issue is provided here:

Texas Right to Life incorporates both long-term and short-term legislative strategies when setting the Pro-Life agenda for each legislative session.  One long-term goal is to repeal and remove the loophole-ridden judicial bypass procedure through which minors obtain permission from judges to undergo secret abortions without parental involvement.  In order to strike this judicial bypass provision from Texas law, various parts of the existing parental involvement law must be tweaked, stricken, and/or rewritten.  A few myopic Pro-Lifers winced at striking parts of current law, claiming that such a move is just what Planned Parenthood would want, totally oblivious to the impact of closing the judicial bypass loophole, which would have ensured that a parent must give de facto consent before his/her minor daughter can undergo an abortion.

This move is part of a national strategy with far-reaching implications.  However, the abortion advocates in the State House vociferously opposed efforts to remove the judicial bypass and even to tweak the evidentiary standards in regard to the pregnant minor.  Despite imaginary partnerships with Planned Parenthood, the abortion industry and its advocates prefer the bypass provision and militantly oppose Texas Right to Life’s legislative initiative to strengthen the law and reduce the number of minors upon whom they can prey. 

In Belotti v. Baird, the Supreme Court of the United States ruled that if a state enacts a parental consent law, the state must also have a judicial bypass mechanism.  Even though these laws have the same impact on reducing teen abortions, the semantics [“consent” vs “notification”] change the legal framework.  Thus, a parental notification law without judicial bypass requires every minor to involve her parents in an abortion situation.  On the other hand, laws requiring parental consent must allow an alternative path to abortion, i.e., the judicial bypass, preempting parental involvement.  So the consent law must be changed before eliminating the judicial bypass loophole.


Enough of the facts…

In re: to the forthcoming exposé on Texas Right to Life:  On June 11th, the following email, in orange text, was sent to Jim Graham, President of Texas Right to Life. 

I just wanted to let you know that I am about to send out a very shocking article (backed up with emails and correspondence) showing how you guys supported our initiatives at Planned Parenthood to rid our state of parental consent. I will also include facts about your opposition to the ultrasound bill that is now in effect and saving many lives.

I wanted to be transparent with you guys because that's what I believe in. And since you guys are on a little screenshot frenzy, you need to know what you are about to be in for.

Texas Right to Life did post on our own Facebook page the screenshots of the vicious tweets from this activist about our organization to let our supporters know about these lies about Texas Right to Life.  That really made her stinking mad, but she never did release whatever lies were burning her hot little hands.

Although her fiction has yet to be released, just today, she’s trying to build suspense on her own Facebook:

I have a hypothetical question that I would like to pose to all of you. 

If you knew of a well funded, 'prolife' group who consistently tried to kill prolife legislation and who had stood WITH Planned Parenthood in an attempt to rid a state of parental consent laws (for an abortion on a minor), would you want that to be exposed?

“[W]ell funded?”  That’s relative.  Texas Right to Life struggles to make ends meet just like every other non-profit organization; we abide by budgets and priorities, always mindful that generous Texans are sacrificing to financially support our life-saving programs.  Most Pro-Life speakers do not charge speaking fees and donate their time to the hosting organizations—a policy by which Texas Right to Life officers and staff also abide; we, therefore, end up donating our own travel expenses and time to organizations that invite us to speak.  Oddly though, this activist earns sizeable profits from the Pro-Life movement on her own speaking fees, salaries, book deals, etc.

Partnering with Planned Parenthood

Yawn…such a tired accusation and as untrue today as when she launched these attacks last summer. 

Or would you want to keep it quiet in an attempt not to cause 'division?' If all attempts to handle the situation privately had failed, what do you think the next step would be?

Handling a situation ‘privately’ with vituperative attacks on Twitter and Facebook.  That’s an effective way to clear up misunderstandings.

Texas Right to Life members, friends, supporters, and prayer warriors recognize her pitiable self-aggrandizement as one dimension of the spiritual warfare with which our dedicated staff lives.  Our statewide followers know and appreciate what we do and expect us to do more of what we do so well.  In fact, we are one of the fastest growing Pro-Life organizations in America.

If her story is true, her transformation journey reflects some remarkable and courageous steps.  Texas Right to Life continues to pray for this former abortion mill worker, who may still be struggling with how to merge her own past abortions (publicized by her), her role in selling and overseeing abortions while at Planned Parenthood, her new profession of faith, and determining how she fits in the Pro-Life movement.

When Pro-Life advocates smelled untruth and hatred in her tweets and posts on Facebook, the former abortion mill leader tossed out some scriptures about judging.  She assuaged her beguiled fans, promising that her website would be updated over the weekend with the exposé.   

So rejoice for the Resurrection of the Savior on this weekend of Easter, then prepare for the big unearthing of Texas Right to Life’s evil scheme to proliferate abortions with Planned Parenthood.  In the meantime, as the oldest, largest, and most effective Pro-Life organization in the South, we have lives to save.

The dogs bark, and the caravan moves on.

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