Breast Cancer Awareness Month and real awareness of the abortion risk factor

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month.  Breast cancer is one of the most common cancers in the United States, and not all risk factors for breast cancer are preventable.  Women cannot control the fact that their sex makes them exponentially more susceptible to breast cancer than men.  Genetics play a role for some women.  Age contributes to risk.  These risk factors occur naturally and outside of the control of the woman.  But women can take precautions against the avoidable risk factors for breast cancer… if they know about them.  Unfortunately, the single most preventable risk factor for breast cancer is virtually unknown among the general population: abortion.

According to the Coalition on Abortion/Breast Cancer: “Although delaying the birth of a first child is a known cancer risk, few experts have the intellectual honesty or the political courage to admit that abortion contributes to the breast cancer epidemic by causing a countless number of women to delay their first full term pregnancies every year.”

The vast majority of epidemiological studies on breast cancer since 1957 have concluded that elective abortion is an independent risk factor for breast cancer, and experts have compared the procurement of a single elective abortion to a lifelong heavy smoker’s risk of developing lung cancer.

Because breast cancer claims the lives of many Americans every year, breast cancer research is a cause that is close to the hearts of many.  During October we see many breast cancer fundraisers, and many Pro-Life advocates wonder which research institutes and programs align with their views on human Life.  In light of the abortion-breast cancer link, there is clear inconsistency in funding the abortion industry via breast cancer research.  Yet, that is exactly what happens when donors with good intentions give money to certain breast cancer research organizations – their dollars are funneled right past the research labs and into the coffers of abortion businesses.  Susan G. Komen, for example, does not acknowledge the link between abortion and breast cancer and funds Planned Parenthood, the largest abortion business in America, with grants. 

Here are a few organizations and programs that will not funnel your donations into the abortion industry:

National Breast Cancer Foundation, Inc.


Vera Bradley Foundation for Breast Cancer Research


Breast Cancer Prevention Institute


Coalition on Abortion/Breast Cancer (ABC)


John Paul II Medical Research Institute

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