Ambulatory Surgical Center Requirements Save Lives

As an ambulatory surgical center, abortion facilities would have to adhere to stronger guidelines that provide higher safety standards, such as wider hallways for emergency personnel to transport patients.


Not only does this legislation seek to protect women’s health, but it also seeks to protect their lives.  If these measures had been in place, and adhered to, by Kermit Gosnell and his clinic, Karnamaya Mongar could still be alive today. 


From the grand jury report of Kermit Gosnell’s trial, the report states that had the hallways been wide enough for a gurney to fit through, Mongar may have had a better chance at survival. 


Ambulances were summoned to pick up the waiting patients…They discovered they could not maneuver stretchers through the building’s narrow hallways to reach the patients (just as emergency personnel had been obstructed from reaching Mrs. Mongar).


These measures allow women the assurance of receiving care that is comparable to other facilities in the state should a complication arise. Clearly, abortion advocates do not care about the health and safety of women; if they did, they would praise these measures as safeguards for women.  


Supporters of the abortion industry continuously claim that the commonsense measures placed in House Bill 2 and Senate Bill 1 are unnecessary and do nothing to protect the lives of women. However, these regulations bring abortion centers up to the same state standards that other facilities providing surgical procedures have to adhere to. 

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