Abortionist who dismembers babies in late abortions: "I’ll do whatever my conscience tells me"

Safe, high-quality “care:” this is how Kansas abortionist Cheryl Chastine describes her full-time job dismembering preborn children in elective abortions.  “Every day I go to work,” she says, “I can make it possible for someone to leave an abusive relationship, care for their children, continue their education, deal with an illness.” 

Chastine is the resident abortionist at South Wind Women’s Center, the Wichita abortion mill notorious late-term abortionist George Tiller operated.  Like Tiller, who used to refer to third-trimester abortions as “stillbirths” and kept an in-house chaplain to minister to the parents of children he killed, Chastine couches her work in language that sounds much more positive than the reality.

Chastine was interviewed by Rolling Stone in a piece published last month.  She took the opportunity to bemoan Pro-Life activism, insisting that Pro-Lifers have no idea what they’re talking about when we accuse the abortion industry of uncompassionate care.  “Underlying the anti-choice legislative approach to abortion care,” she said, “is the presumption that abortion providers aren't interested in providing safe care, but rather want to provide the lowest standard of care that we can get away with.” 

Chastine’s genuineness here would be more believable if she maintained a more compassionate standard of care for the one patient who survives her “procedures:” the woman.  LifeNews reports that, in April, Chastine left South Wind at close of business, even though one of her abortion patients was in no condition to be discharged from the facility alone. 

“By the time the woman reached the sidewalk, she was exhausted and barely able to stand,” says the report.  “One of the female sidewalk counselors offered her help and allowed the woman to lean on her as she tried to recoup her strength.  As the two spoke, it was confirmed that the woman, who was apparently from a foreign country, had received an abortion…  Once she was able, the woman slowly inched her way down the street, stopping often to summon her strength and balance herself.  She came to rest precariously on a curb two doors down from the clinic’s gate, and there she waited nearly a half-hour until her ride arrived.  With difficulty, she climbed into the vehicle and drove away.”

Earlier this year, leaked undercover footage from the Center for Medical Progress included an exchange between CMP director David Daleiden, and Cheryl Chastine.  In the footage, Chastine expresses strong interest in collaborating with a tissue procurement organization to sell fetal body parts harvested from the children she aborts in Kansas.  The exchange takes place below from 11:58 to 19:06:

<iframe width="560" height="315" src="https://www.youtube.com/embed/h2zwWrRi_zw?list=PLJCNTv4YXhz2JbXxCADboQK_kvOAbxxHK" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>

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