Abortion zealots never mention preborn pain

Do you think an abortion supporter, armed with medical facts, will still support aborting babies who feel pain?

If you answered "No," think again!


As you would guess, the pro-abortion death mongers went nuts:


"Texas Gov. Rick Perry (R) urged state lawmakers Tuesday to pass more restrictions on abortion, and proclaimed that his end goal is to outlaw the procedure entirely." — Huffington Post


"The governor has made it clear that Texas women will once again be public enemy number one in 2013." — Bebe Anderson, Center for Reproductive Rights


Notice how these abortion zealots refuse to talk about the horrific pain the unborn suffer when they're aborted.


We cannot ignore the pro-abortionists or they will control the message and scare weak-kneed legislators from passing the very Pro-Life legislation their constituents sent them to Austin to pass.


Texas Governor Rick Perry stands beside Texas Right to Life director, Elizabeth Graham, after supporting a bill to protect preborn babies who feel pain.


Preborn babies need your help to protect them now and in 2013!  Texas Right to Life will work with our elected representatives to save lives and protect women with the Preborn Pain Bill.  Are you in?



We don't have much time.


In Texas, the 83rd Legislative Session starts on January 8 and meets only every other year.  The window to pass this Life-saving measure will quickly shut!



Many think Pro-Life legislation is easy to pass in Texas but my team and I have been on the ground in Austin for years, and passing Pro-Life legislation is very difficult!  You know the famous bills we've passed to protect Life through the years, but there are many others that were killed in the committee process because pro-abortionists threaten legislators with attack ads full of lies inside their districts!


Until our elected servants recognize that their first duty is to protect the Life of each conceived human being, Texas Right to Life will not stop pushing for new Pro-Life laws!


Will you be with us during this new legislative battle for Life?


Don't let pro-abortionists stop the Preborn Pain Bill from reaching Governor Perry's desk!


At every turn, pro-abortionists, funded by taxpayer-money, hoodwink legislators with outlandish stories.  Sadly, many legislators who run on the Pro-Life platform fall for their scare tactics.


Even with all the Pro-Life bills Texas Right to Life has shepherded to passage, 80,000 preborn children will still die in Texas abortion clinics next year if we do not pass additional Life-saving measures.


That's why I need your support right now so legislators can feel the pain of preborn children and commit to protecting them!


The advance of the culture of death that hit us in November must be countered now.



We don't have long — pro-abortionists have already started this battle.  Please march by my side and donate right now.

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