Abortion drones: Because there’s always new technology to exploit in the name of death

An “abortion drone” is the latest weapon abortion activists are wielding to skirt Life-affirming laws in countries like Poland, where preborn children are protected from most abortions.  A drone is being used by a group that is fanatical about overriding abortion restrictions in countries around the world, and has spent years trying to circumvent the laws in Ireland, Poland, and other countries where preborn children are supposed to be protected by law.

Convinced that women die in droves without unrestricted access to abortion on-demand, Women on Waves proffers online tutorials on using off-label drugs in combination to cause abortion.  The group also connects pregnant mothers with overseas pharmaceutical companies that will ship illegal abortion drugs to them.  Now, this ideology is being taken further, using a drone to deliver abortion-inducing drugs to Poland, where abortion is illegal in most cases.  Women on Waves reports:

Drones are used to make areal [SIC] shots and for military purposes.  However they can also be used to deliver packages.  Both Google and Amazon are also already testing the possibility to deliver packages.

So drones can also be used to provide safe abortion pills by uploading the package in Germany, where abortion is legal and delivering it into a border town in Poland where abortion is severely restricted since 1993.  The only exception is in cases of rape or incest, when woman's life is in danger, or if there is potential damage to fetus, and even in these cases, abortion is very difficult to obtain.

As the Abortion drone weighs less than 5 kg, is not used for any commercial purposes, will stay within the sight of the person flying it and does not fly in controlled airspace, no authorization is required under Polish or German law. [2] [3]

As you can see, this delivery method carefully skirts Polish law while ravaging the principles on which the law is founded.  And the Pro-Life country of Ireland may be Women on Waves’ next target.  Said Rebecca Gomperts, leader of the organization:  “We’re very interested in the new developments around drones.  In a sense it’s a campaign to call attention to the reality for women in Poland.  But there’s a future for it as a delivery model.  We might do it in Ireland.”

This, in spite of the fact that Ireland’s at-large response to abortion activism (much of which originates from without) has essentially been, ‘No thanks, we’re good.’  Case in point, this story of an Irish mother who received aggressive cancer treatment during her pregnancy, because Ireland’s medical field is so well-equipped to care for both mother and child that abortion is never even discussed.

The drone will fly from Germany to Poland on Saturday, June 27, delivering the drugs to activists who will disseminate them to pregnant Poles.

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