AG Loretta Lynch refuses to answer whether she wants to protect born-alive abortion survivors

U.S. Attorney General Loretta Lynch repeatedly refused to answer whether she or the Obama Administration would favor legislation designed to ensure that babies born after failed abortion attempts are offered medical care as opposed to being left to die.  The Pro-Life community has long been aware that such cases happen (abortionists and abortion workers readily admit to this fact), and there is strong evidence to suggest that in the vast majority of these cases the babies born are either killed by the abortionist in an act of infanticide, or left to die without medical attention.  However, in some cases (such as this, this, and all of these), these children receive medical attention and survive.

Yet, even before he was the President of the United States, Barack Obama said that he was convinced that an abortionist who accidentally delivered a live baby during an abortion would offer that child adequate medical attention to ensure his or her survival.  This illusion was his rationale, in fact, for refusing to vote for – and speaking out against – Illinois legislation designed to ensure medical care to babies who survived abortion.  Obama voted against this legislation on multiple occasions, and carried his radically anti-Life views with him into the White House.

Since becoming President, Obama has surrounded himself with an administration like-minded on the issue of Life.  A.G. Loretta Lynch demonstrated last week that she is no exception.  Watch her exchange with Pro-Life Congressman Trent Franks, below:

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Rep. Franks asks Lynch in no uncertain terms whether she would support general legislation to protect abortion survivors.  Lynch fumbles through a response regarding the “factual” nature of such a scenario, looking bewildered when Franks explains that some babies do, in fact, survive abortion.  

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