Vote Against a Legislator with a Decent Pro-Life Score? The Difference Between Scorecards & Endorsements

As we approach the primary election, Texas Right to Life PAC is releasing our endorsements for candidates running for office at the federal, state, and local levels. These endorsements include current elected officials who are running for re-election, candidates who are challenging incumbents, and candidates running in open seats. 

Occasionally our endorsements do not seem to align with how a legislator scored on the Pro-Life Scorecard. The Scorecard is released after every legislative session to summarize each lawmaker’s Pro-Life votes and activity, or lack thereof. Some incumbents with low scores receive an endorsement, while others with high scores do not. 

For Texas Right to Life PAC, scores do not equal endorsements. While one may inform the other, we consider them as distinct tools for Pro-Life Texans to use in evaluating elected officials and candidates. The Pro-Life Scorecard evaluates on-the-record actions and votes of incumbents on Pro-Life issues. Endorsements are released in an effort to help direct Pro-Life Texans in determining whom to cast their vote for as to which candidate would best promote Life in the Capitol. 

A high score does not guarantee an endorsement, nor does a low score necessarily mean that the legislator needs to be replaced and will not receive our endorsement.

An incumbent may have a low score, seemingly indicating a poor overall performance in the Legislature on Pro-Life issues. Other things can contribute to a low score besides anti-Life intentions; however, Texas Right to Life seeks to present verifiable actions and votes in creating the Scorecard. On the other hand, legislators can take all the right Pro-Life actions and votes, but still not be as helpful to or even serve as a barrier for Life-affirming legislation. 

The Texas Right to Life PAC endorsement is a more comprehensive review of an elected official or candidate. Our endorsement process is extensive, taking into account the candidate’s character, cooperativeness, knowledge of our issues, and courage to prioritize Life. The scores are useful to know how each member did during past sessions, but it cannot tell voters what the member believes on the wide variety of Pro-Life issues that we ask during the endorsement process. For example, in 2023, there were no public votes on adding dangerous exceptions to our current Pro-Life laws. However, through interviews and past actions, we know which Republicans support weakening our life-saving legislation with exceptions. This deeper insight will lead us to oppose an incumbent. 

A Texas Right to Life PAC endorsement is our attempt to assist voters in determining who will be the most consistent and effective Pro-Life lawmakers during the next session, something one may not always discern that from the Scorecard. 

Click HERE to see a full list of Texas Right to Life endorsements for the March 5 Primary Election.

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