Pro-Life Champions Dominate GOP Runoff Election

Pro-Life leaders gained historic ground in Tuesday’s Republican runoff election across Texas.

The night’s biggest wins came at the hands of Pro-Life women, shattering the abortion industry’s narrative that being Pro-Life is to be anti-woman. Carrie Isaac (HD 73), Caroline Harris (HD 52), Terri Leo Wilson (HD 23), Ellen Troxclair (HD 19), and Rep. Stephanie Klick (HD 91) soared to victory Tuesday night over their opponents. These strong Pro-Life women will champion messages of faith, family, and values that are desperately needed in the state legislature.

Additionally, Nate Schatzline (HD 93) and Mark Dorazio (HD 122) defeated establishment picks who would have sought political power at the expense of preborn children and vulnerable patients. Current Railroad Commissioner Wayne Christian won the GOP nomination once again, destroying an openly pro-abortion RINO. Conservative icon Pete Flores, who started the red wave in Hispanic communities by winning a state Senate seat held by Democrats for 100 years, also won in Senate District 24. 

Texas Right to Life Director of Media and Communication Kimberlyn Schwartz responded: 

“The Pro-Life movement is stronger than ever with Texas Right to Life securing key races against powerful, well-funded special interest groups. Tuesday’s wins will spur our state to build on the success of the Texas Heartbeat Act, abolish abortion, and overturn Roe v. Wade.”

Thank you for your prayers, support, and votes in the Republican runoff. With these victories, the Pro-Life movement is projected to make historic gains in the state legislature that will be crucial in our fight to build a Pro-Life Texas after Roe v. Wade hopefully falls once and for all. 

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