Election off the rails

In most elections, accusations can fly without any real regard to the truth.

Such assertions are unfortunately happening in Grimes County surrounding the race for state representative in House District 13 about Texas Right to Life.

Late last week, an anonymous letter was mailed to Grimes County residents asserting a ridiculous claim that Texas Right to Life supports a high-speed rail.  Nothing could be further from the truth.

Texas Right to Life has nothing to do with high-speed rail.  As our name and 45 years of history can attest, Texas Right to Life’s mission is to fight for the rights of the unborn, the disabled, the sick, the elderly, and the unloved in a world where the lack of respect for innocent human Life has escalated to the point where we are all at risk.  

The author’s letter asserts as proof the fact Texas Right to Life has offices in Houston.  Yes, our operations are headquartered in Houston. Why? Our 1970s founding board members were residents of the City of Houston, and the organization simply bloomed where we were planted.  We also have key staff members running operations in Dallas, Austin, and Liberty. Again, the location has nothing to do with high-speed rail.

Why would a “big city organization” contribute to Jill Wolfskill?  Unlike many candidates who run for public office, Jill Wolfskill has long been a supporter of the Pro-Life movement.  Jill’s involvement in Pro-Life policy predates her political inclinations, and she often joined Texas Right to Life advocating in the halls of the state Capitol.  We look fondly on candidates who act on their Pro-Life principles before they run for public office.

Texas Right to Life has been blessed by Pro-Life citizens across Texas in rural and urban areas who use their hard work and financial blessings to save lives.  Their generosity in turn allows Texas Right to Life – as the largest Pro-Life organization in Texas – to support solid candidates like Jill. Some of our oldest and most faithful supporters come from House District 13.

And unlike the letter’s anonymous author, donors to Texas Right to Life’s political efforts are a matter of public record, adhering to state and federal campaign finance laws.

In the past, Texas Right to Life has endorsed Representative Leighton Schubert and state Senator Lois Kolkhorst and has even named Senator Charles Schwertner a 2017 Pro-Life Hero.  We look forward to yet another Texas Right to Life-endorsed representative for HD 13 during the 86th Session of the Texas Legislature.

We know Jill to be unflinching in the cause of protecting innocent human Life and are proud to endorse her candidacy and support her campaign.

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