What a Pro-Lifer learned about abortion advocates while undercover at an abortion rally

Jill Stanek is a Pro-Life activist who spent years working to raise awareness of the practice of infanticide following failed late-term abortions. Today, she is heavily involved in social media and writing to raise awareness of Pro-Life events as they occur around the world. Texas Right to Life invited Jill to speak at our annual student conference, Boots on the Ground, which coincides with the Texas Rally for Life on the weekend closest to the Roe v. Wade anniversary each year.

During the Rally for Life, Jill seized the opportunity to unobtrusively observe at the abortion rally taking place simultaneously on the opposite side of the Capitol lawn. The stark contrast between the two events was most notable in the attendance numbers. Whereas the Rally for Life boasted thousands of attendees, the abortion rally yielded only a couple hundred.

Jill also noted that the abortion movement’s reliance on non-abortion-related issues to bolster their cause was painfully obvious. Abortion (referred to as “choice”) was almost an afterthought at the abortion rally, where attention was broken into pieces and divided among many political and social issues unrelated to abortion. Jill reports:

But the real difference between events was the pro-life rally was all about stopping abortion, and the pro-choice rally was about a whole lot of other things other than abortion. I know why they have to do this. They have to maintain political correctness, and they have to glom abortion on as many other liberal causes as possible to prop it up. Anti-abortionists don’t do that. Abortion is our main obsession, particularly on the anniversary of Roe v. Wade.

Attendees’ signs and printed literature available at the event pointed to this phenomenon of an abortion rally, but in reality only featured abortion as an afterthought. Jill notes that literature on anti-Semitism and Communism played roles in morphing abortion support into as many other political discussions as possible. In like, signs had only a vague correlation with abortion at best. An amusing signage sampling can be found here, where the rest of Jill’s account of the day is available. 

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